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Who are we?
Located in Cabot, Arkansas, We provide Commercial Herbicide Application of various types to customers in Arkansas, Eastern Oklahoma, and Southern Missouri. We are state licensed and have been in business for nearly 25 years. Our clients include Personal Property Owners, Cities, Counties, Industrial Plant Sites, Business Sites, Utilities, Airports and Drainage Districts.
What is Commercial Herbicide Application?
We evaluate the specific Vegetation Management requirments of a client, prescribe a program that will give the amount of control that is requested, then professionally apply the recommended herbicides to the affected areas.
How is this important to your business?
Weeds not only damage the look of your business, they can be a fire hazard, create an environment for rodents and snakes, and can also be a safety hazard for your employees and customers.
We can save you time and money!
Mowing, weed-eating, and bush-hogging is a time consuming, costly and temporary solution to a business's weed control problems. Our programs are designed to control your vegetation throughout the year with only a couple applications.
Licensed by:
Arkansas State Plant Board
Missouri Dept. of Agriculture
Oklahoma Dept. of Agriculture
Members of:
Arkansas Water Works & Water Environment Association
Cabot Chamber of Commerce
PLANET Professional Lawncare Network
Arkansas Turfgrass Association
Better Business Bureau
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